The Trail of Rodrigues

The Trail of Rodrigues is a confluence of men and women, nature lovers and generous in the effort. In fact, the Trail of Rodrigues is known as the Eden Trail. It promotes sustainable development and jealously guards closeness to the people of the island. After two years of reflection, 2008/2009, the Trail of Rodrigues took off in 2010 with two foreign participants (Eric Lacroix and Mireille Sery).

The Trail of Rodrigues mobilizing of humanity, uniting several nationalities worldwide.

The Trail of Rodrigues harbors unity, bringing together the entire population of the island behind an ideal that is the pride of Rodrigues.

The Trail of Rodrigues is a dynamic chain of lively volunteers of the ideal of service.

The 10th edition will be held November 3, 2019.

Over 1250 participants are expected, including 500 foreigners and 200 volunteers.

The reserve François Leguat is proud to be a faithful partner since 2010.
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